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Fight for $15

Chuck Cook
06 Mar, 2019
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HB 166 (Fight for Fifteen) passed the House of Delegates last week with a vote of 96-44. This is significant progress in getting Maryland’s minimum wage increased. Unfortunately, the bill was amended to carve out tipped workers and agricultural workers. Tomorrow morning, 3/7/19, at 8:30am, the Senate Finance Committee is planning on taking up the House version of the bill, and amending it to exempt all businesses with 15 workers or less from paying the minimum wage.

76% of Maryland businesses have 9 or fewer employees. The percentage of Maryland businesses with under 15 employees — those covered by the proposed longer timeline— is WELL OVER 76%.

We need you to contact the members of the Senate Finance Committee, and ask them for 3 things: 

1.)    Please vote AGAINST this new amendment to exempt businesses with 15 workers or less from paying the minimum wage.

2.)    Please vote to raise tipped workers minimum wage from $3.63/hr to 50% of the new minimum wage

3.)    Please vote AGAINST any new amendments that will WEAKEN minimum wage for workers


Senate Finance Committe:

Sen. Delores Kelley, Chair            (410) 841-3606     

Sen. Brian Feldman, Vice              (410) 841-3169    

Sen. Malcolm Augustine               (410) 841-3745    

Sen. Pam Beidle                              (410) 841-3593   

Sen. Joanne Benson                       (410) 841-3148    

Sen. Antonio Hayes                        (410) 841-3656   

Sen. Steve Hershey                        (410) 841-3639   

Sen. JB Jennings                              (410) 841-3706  

Sen. Kathy Klausmeier                   (410) 841-3620  

Sen. Ben Kramer                              (410) 841-3151  

Sen. Ed Reilly                               (410) 841-3568